How did I become a programmer?

I have been a Software developer for multiple corporate companies and worked part time to full-fill my dreams of becoming a dot com creator. I worked hard day and night understanding programming and development working with tools such as Visual Basic 3.0, GW Basic, Q-Basic, and Pascal development to interface with BBS systems in the early 90s.

Mark Lauwereins developed the knowledge by hard work and dedication that is how you get far in life.Mark found confidence in understanding PPEs and assisted friends on building components into a new BBS system known as PC Board. It’s a custom language that is designed to integrate with end-users point-to-point thru a dial-up modem.

This system was designed in the early 80s and 90s as an MS-DOS based system.Getting down the basic programming skills it opened up new doors for me and understanding how to connect hardware such as building programmatic suggestions to light up the num lock, scroll lock, and cap lock keys utilizing GW-Basic.

Early life computer programming

Visual Basic 3.0 and the start of something new that I had dreamed to be for a very long time. I wanted to be a Windows Programmer, and understand the functionality of Windows thru and thru. My father purchased Visual Basic from the computer shows that we used to have locally in Jacksonville, Florida.

I began studying and building small applications to clean computers, and wipe data files that contained “Leaked” information that could be used to find out what people are doing on the computer. I began studying Overlay files, .DAT files, BAS files, and other files found thru MS-DOS. My software began communicating with other Windows Applications, and utilizing Window Handlers, Messaging, and other ways of achieving a complete connection between the systems.

I was now able to upgrade my Windows into Windows 95 and took on a different approach with Visual Basic 5.0. Visual Basic 5.0 gave me the drive to create massive changes utilizing tools such as the registry keys, and understanding the working of batch files which still allowed a MS-DOS prompt. I studied day-and-night to understand the entire workings of Windows, and the way it interfaces with Systems on the computer.